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The Importance Of Mentoring

Saturday, August 24th, 2013

“Experience Productive Benefits, Recurring Value And Increasing Profits… Through One On One Personalised Mentoring Aimed At Delivering Important Outcomes.”

The great family therapist Virginia Satir, once said to the co-creator of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Richard Bandler, “You know, Richard, most people think the will to survive is the strongest instinct in human beings, but it isn’t. The strongest instinct is to keep things familiar” (Source: Make Your Life Great.)

Evolutionary speaking, our brain has a design principle that makes extraordinary change or success difficult for most people. Our brain is designed to act on what it observes, rather than what it doesn’t observe. It acts on reoccurring thoughts rather than new possibilities.

The brain’s design preference for acting on what is already familiar to it, is the single most important factor in why you often can’t effectively solve the challenges you’re facing.

Your reoccurring reality is the result of what your brain notices. But the solutions you need to the challenges you face are always found outside what your brain consistently notices.

It’s why the world’s greatest teams and most successful individuals in any given context engage coaches and mentors. They know that success is found outside what their brain habitually notices… Outside their “familiars”.

The word familiar comes from the 14th C Old French word famelier meaning “intimate, very friendly, on a family footing,” and from the Latin word familiaris which means “domestic, of a household” and “familiar, intimate, and friendly”.

Solutions are often located outside your particular frame of reference… ‘Outside’ what is already familiar to you. They’re found in information and strategies that your brain normally doesn’t notice and this is where mentors become extremely valuable to the outcomes you seek.

Extraordinary success is not something that requires seemingly super human qualities. Nor is it something that is beyond the reach of anyone who wants to tap into their true potential. Simply stated, extraordinary success is achieved through a process of turning creative ideas into sustained behaviours.

Most people generate ideas and dreams but what’s often missing is sustained determination and an ability to remain focused on attending to the behaviours and actions necessary for the realisation of those dreams.

Unquestionably, the common benefits enjoyed by all mentoring clients are that they feel safe to explore territory, strategies, opportunities and information outside their existing familiars.

This leads to exponential increases in self confidence, self ability, self efficacy, self awareness and personal control. In turn, this saves you time, money and costly mistakes.

The ultimate purpose of mentorship is to develop your (as yet) unrealised potential so that life is experienced as a daring adventure of expansion and sustainable achievement. It helps get your results off “pause” and back on “fast forward”.

It’s the Consumption Code that’s most familiar in terms of money results and it’s what keeps dragging you back into your familiars. Freedom, especially in the form of financial freedom, is only possible from productive Enterprise Code change.

Love for you to share your thoughts on this.

Connect soon but please leave your comments below.

Paul Counsel

P.S. If you’d like to know more about The Consumption Code and The Enterprise Code, you can watch these videos here.

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Why Not Financial Freedom?

Friday, March 15th, 2013

“Why Keep Putting Up With Financial Distress When Financial Freedom Is Now More Available Than Ever Before?”

It only ever takes a decision to change.

In my mind, a true decision is only ever made when you no longer fear the consequences of that decision. If you fear the consequences, you’ll never make a true decision.

What you’re left with is a want, or need, or desire, or wish, or an aspiration but if you never make a decision to go after what you want… you’ll never get it.

While needs, desires, wishes, ants and aspirations remain in place… so to will financial distress.

Read this remarkable story of how a time starved couple with seven children made a “decision” to go after the lifestyle they wanted so that they could have the freedom they wanted.

It’s an inspiring story of never letting go of your ultimate dream. Read it here…


Paul Counsel

The Ten Steps To Wealth

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Entrepreneurial success

Saturday, March 9th, 2013

“Success And The Emergence Of The Entrepreneur”

I’ve always looked upon entrepreneurial success as an “emergent” experience rather than something that follows the law of “cause and effect”.

The concept of “emergence” has been around since the time of Aristotle but the term emergent was coined in 1875 by pioneer psychologist G. H. Lewes who said that… “Every resultant is either a sum or a difference of co-operant forces; their sum, when their directions are the same — their difference, when their directions are contrary.”

As an emergent, entrepreneurialism unfolds as a result of a series of effective moment-by-moment decisions made from a large number of options available every time you have to make a choice.

It’s the spark of bringing together “operant forces” that most people miss in their attempt to become a successful entrepreneur.

Success emerges from the purposeful application of episodic rather than semantic knowledge. It emerges as you learn from each new step and each new learning experience.

The better your results, the broader your perspectives and the more value you bring to the experience of being an entrepreneur and the experiences you deliver to pleased customers.

Having one customer sing your praises to the “right” person could literally triple your business over night. If every day you plan for this to happen, one day it will.

As an emergent, entrepreneurial success is achieved through the continual refinement of experiences gained over time.

When you refine these experiences in the presence of mastery external feedback, your journey to achievement is that much more likely.

That’s why the most successful people in the world seek out the best mentors and coaches they can find.

You’ll never see a world class golfer without a caddy by their side, nor a world class athlete without a coach, or world class boxers without corner people, or world class business people without mentors.

Sometimes, becoming a successful entrepreneur means getting into the energy orbit of people who already have the type of success you desire for yourself. And while this doesn’t “guarantee” your success, it’s the fastest way to “spark” your success.

The Ten Steps To Wealth eCourse


Paul Counsel

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The Ten Steps To Wealth

Monday, March 26th, 2012

When you start pursuing The Ten Steps to Wealth, It’s important to realise that when you attempt to grow beyond the boundaries of conventional wisdom, you will not be supported from within that wisdom. To do so would be an admittance that conventional wisdom has limits and is not able to provide for all your needs. Such admittance would cause too many people to awaken to a realisation that conventional wisdom has placed them in a financial prison every bit as real as a physical prison. If this realisation became widespread, conventional wisdom would collapse under its own limitations. If too many people became aware of the possibilities for a radically better life via The Ten Steps To Wealth, they would reject the life of servitude and sameness espoused by convention. The system will fiercely defend a view that involves keeping the masses hypnotised into a life of struggle and lack while those at the top continue to benefit from their labour.

If you pursue learning and understanding with passion and a sense of purpose. If you pursue your Blueprint For Extraordinary Achievement with a reasonably open and logical mind, you quickly realise that only a minority will ever manage to gift themselves opportunities for a rich and rewarding future.

Most people will never read this blog, or read my books, or others like them, so my invitation to live your song rather than, to quote Thoreau, ‘go to your grave with your song still in you’, will never reach more than a few. However the mere fact you are reading this post suggests that you do not wish to remain with the majority. So continue on your journey of discovery because answers are available. When you let go of the myths, stories and beliefs of conventional wisdom, new and more dynamic stories become available. If you want to make more money, if you’re one of a large number of work at home mums, if you want more choice and time freedom, you can start your journey here.

In terms of wealth, people seldom reflect upon the results they’re getting except to say: ‘I want more.’ If you reflect upon your financial results in a general sense, you will either be happy or unhappy. In general you will either be impressed or unimpressed, satisfied or dissatisfied. If you are more than satisfied with your results, you need to be congratulated because you number among a rapidly dwindling minority. If you’re unsatisfied, ask  what you have been doing to achieve your present results? And ask when do you think these results might change? Do you expect they will change if you continue to do as you have been doing? Begin changing your results now

Why wait another day? As Dr Joe Dispenza observes, “As long as you stay the same person, as long as your electromagnetic signature remains the same, you can’t expect a new outcome. To change your life is to change your energy—to make an elemental change in your mind and emotions. If you want a new outcome, you will have to break the habit of being yourself, and reinvent a new self.”

In terms of supporting your transitions to more time, more money and more freedom, there are two avenues I can offer:  the faster lane is the Blueprint for Extraordinary Achievement because I’ll be speaking to you directly… The slower lane is… The Ten Steps To Wealth because it’s where I speak to you more indirectly…

Take care and I hope to connect again soon

Paul Counsel

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The Ten Steps To Wealth

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

Part of your journey along The Ten Steps To Wealth is having a plan for how to change your brain so that it more comfortably allows you to change and achieve what is important for you. Here’s a video on YouTube that will help you to develop such a plan. There is a series of five videos that start with this one. A Plan For How To Change Your Brain For Successing

In yesterday’s post I spoke about the idea that each step is really a phase that you must progress through in order to achieve the wealth or the results you are looking for. If you don’t pass through these phases, nothing happens other than your results remaining the same.

Have you ever noticed how there seems to be an endless list of wishes that people would like to achieve. People wish they had more free time; wish they did not have to work such long hours, wish they had more disposable income; wish they did not have to get up and go to work; or wish they could take a decent holiday.

In fact, most people have a relatively long wish list, yet seldom do they take the time to think about the reasons why their present results are as they are. Simply by wishing for the results to be different, most people fail to seek solutions to the causes of why things turn out the way they do. Despite wanting wealth, most people never make wealth a big enough MUST in their lives. Unless your reasons are big enough, you won’y have the necessary energy to complete the phase transitions or The Ten Steps For Wealth themselves.

Despite their list of wishes, the behaviour of most people is directed towards the continuation of actions based on the struggle of opposing desires.  On the one hand, the subconscious mind promotes an image of the world which appears ‘normal’ and not really all that bad. While people wish for financial freedom, more money, secrets of success, more connected relationships and more free time, there is a relative degree of comfort in their immediate surroundings. As a consequence, there is little motivation for serious change to take place.

On the other hand, despite this seemingly ‘normal’ view, there is a much deeper struggle taking place which witnesses a constant internal conflict between wishing for wealth and the avoidance of the necessary actions you must take in order for wealth to be achieved. Because most people never resolve this internal conflict, doubt, fear, worry, cynicism, scepticism and the lack of certainty become constant companions in a contemporary busy life.

Conventional wisdom achieves two things… it actively supports your development into a consumer being and a lifetime of consuming your financial potential. Secondly,  it actively resists and discourages development beyond this level.

Take a Journey along The Ten Steps To Wealth pathway and I’ll meet you in one of the transition phases

Wishing you every success

Paul Counsel

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The Psychology of Wealth

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

The Psychology of Wealth understands that the people who make purposeful decisions often come to a realisation that they have been playing by rules and standards set by others. And as they come to this realisation, a few things begin to fall into place. When this happens, they use this new knowledge to launch their journeys of achievement and financial success.

The greatest thing about purposeful decisions is that, once you make them, they clarify everything. As soon as you no longer fear the consequences of your decision and you firmly commit to one direction, confusion melts away because you can now clearly see what you must do.

Dissolve upper limits

One of the realisations that people come to terms with has to do with limitations, comfort zones and feelings of stuckness. They realise that if they stay with the status quo, nothing changes because the status quo uses low standards of achievement as reference points to match their results by.  Because everybody they compare with is getting the same results, they think everything is “normal”. As economist and precious metals analyst David Morgan notes, “When everybody is thinking the same way, no one is really thinking.”

What these people never realise is that stuckness is a sign from your body telling you that you’re neglecting your need for growth and exploration. You can’t solve stuckness with more stuckness and inactivity. You can’t solve stuckness by remaining in your comfort zone because there is simply no expansion or growth there. So the only way you can resolve feelings of stuckness is to commit to a program of learning and dissolving the limits you impose on yourself. This is what people on the cusp of progress come to realise. They realise that the magic of life is outside your comfort zone and that it’s OK to feel uncomfortable because it means you’re regaining your aliveness, your passions, your energy and your fulfilling future.

Personal achievement, business success, financial freedom, or mastery of any kind, involves the development of qualities which cannot develop by themselves and usually remain undeveloped in most people. In fact it would be fair to say that, in terms of achievement, it’s fear of failure that holds most people back.

And this is a strange fear when you think about it. Fear of failure actually prevents you from moving forward. If something is constantly preventing you from moving forward, you have to start thinking about what it’s constantly making you do instead. This is a critically important point because anything you constantly do leads to perfecting whatever it is that you constantly do.

So what are you perfecting by your consistent practice at it? Are you perfecting self sabotage for example?

Fear of failure is a perfecting fear in that it prevents you from taking risks and encourages you to move back into safety, back into stuckness. But as soon as you step back into safety, you stifle your own development, strengthen your  stranglehold on sameness and deny yourself access to financial freedom.

In other words, you prevent the evolution of your own innate potential. When this happens, relative to your potential, you are going to fail, which is the very thing you’re trying to prevent. As soon as you step back from risk, you shrink your potential by stepping back into sameness. The feelings you get come from your body trying to communicate that it wants to grow, to explore, to be alive again.

Fear of failure actually creates failure, the very thing you say you want to avoid. But the paradox here is that if you directed the very same processes of consistency over time towards success, instead of the fear of failure, you’d be incredibly successful.

In a strange twist, you’re already doing the ‘work of success’, you’re just directing your efforts towards the fear of failure instead of achievement, exploration and growth.

It also creates your upper limits in finances, happiness, relationships, health, connectedness, trust, sharing, freedom and prosperity. So you and I have to work together to dissolve these upper limits because if you don’t dissolve them, sameness, or something worse, will always remain your experience.

The Psychology of Wealth, invites you to participate in a more prosperous and financially rewarding 2012. In fact, if you start the New Year off with a free online Ten Steps To Wealth eCourse at the New Year has the potential to reward you in multiples.

The “Ten Steps to Wealth” is a distillation of my journey from broke to my first million dollar year. Imagine forever BANISHING feelings of financial struggle, fears over bills and rising costs, or having to cut corners, settling for less and missing out…

By enrolling in Ten Steps To Wealth, you’ll learn:

• how to lay the foundations to your million dollar year
• how to dissolve the struggle around finances and increasing costs
• how to become the master of your own financial destiny
• how to make 2012 more financially successful
• how to succeed where others don’t
• how to create an achievement mindset
• how to understand today’s economy and what to do next
• how to think about using the Internet for income generation
• how to move from sameness to achievement and enterprise
• how to take greater action and be in control
• how to compile your list of assets for success
• how to create wealth in changing economic conditions
• how to create a wealth plan and map your way to freedom
• how to switch on your entrepreneurial mastery

Starting out from dead flat broke, my first million dollar year took three years and eight months to achieve. Imagine launching your very own million dollar year in a similar way. The only reason why you wouldn’t do this is because you don’t believe you can.

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