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What Is Success And How Is It Achieved?

Saturday, August 17th, 2013

“Does Hard Work Lead To Success?”

At a recent Teen Award Ceremony in the US, actor Ashton Kutcher started a short speech by saying, “First of all, I don’t have a career without you guys.  I don’t get to do anything without you guys.”

The acknowledgement of the other half of  “success” was an interesting opening comment I thought.

The “other half” it seems, is something that’s often missing in any description of what success is.

Kutcher went on to say that in his experience “opportunity” looks like hard work. He then described a number of low skill jobs he worked in during his late teens and early twenties… noting especially that he had never had a job in his life that he was “better than”.

Yet how many people do you know who do the exact opposite? The most graphic of these are people who prefer the dole rather than taking on jobs they perceive they’re better than. Of course this is not an across the board thing as many people would take on any job if only they could get one.

The point I’m making though is that when people ask me how to become wealthy, depending on their current circumstances in life, I often start by saying… “Get a job”. Any job. The reason behing me saying this is because they could then use the “money” to undertake the next stage of their learning. The replies that shock me the most come from an attitude implying that they are much bigger than just any job.

When I was starting out on my journey to financial freedom, I worked four part time jobs. At one job I was paid $15 per day wrecking houses. (But the real value in this job was what I learned. It allowed me renovate houses and acquire second hand materials which I could then renovate and reuse. This enabled me to create my first $100,000 in asset value within 6 months).

The reason for 4 part time jobs, instead of one secure full time job, was so that I could work more hours and more days which meant that I earned more money than one full time job. I could then apply this money to learning the important lessons I needed to learn. In fifteen years of teaching people how to become wealthy, I’ve never met anyone who was willing to start this way. That they are still not financially successful is telling.

Another idea Kutcher promoted in his talk was the idea of being “sexy” which he described as “being smart… thoughtful and generous”.

A third offering came as a result of remembering something Steve Jobs often talked about. Jobs observed that as we grow up, enculturation teaches us that the world is the way it is and that we should live our lives inside this world. We’re told to follow the rules, not get into trouble, get a good education, get a good job, make some money, become a good consumer, get married, have a family and so on as the rest of the story goes.

The point he was making is that life is much bigger than Enculturation’s Plan for the masses. The idea that life doesn’t have to look like a life on the “work/stress, not enough time, not enough money treadmill” is foreign to most people. Instead of building a life experienced around the idea of financial freedom,  generation after generation fall into the trap of having a life based on the consumption code and servitude, rather than purposefully building a life based on the enterprise code and freedom.

While I’m not sure how much of his own wisdom Kutcher was sharing, as opposed to the wisdom of Steve Jobs given the film he’s just made… none the less, it’s hard to fault the wisdom itself.

While hard work may indeed lead to success, it is not the cause of success itself. One of the reasons for this is that success, in any endeavour, does not follow the “cause and effect” principle. Success is actually an “emergent”. No matter how hard you try, something else has to provide the spark…

The concept of “emergence” has been around since the time of Aristotle but the term emergent was coined in 1875 by pioneer psychologist G. H. Lewes who said that… “Every resultant is either a sum or a difference of co-operant forces; their sum, when their directions are the same — their difference, when their directions are contrary.”

As an emergent, success unfolds as a result of a series of effective moment-by-moment decisions made from a large number of options available every time you need to make a choice.

Instead of every day placing themselves in positions where an emergent process can happen, most people continue to place themselves into positions where servitude, predictability, and sameness always happen.

Love for you to share your thoughts on this.

Connect soon but please leave your comments below.

Paul Counsel

P.S. If you’d like to know more about The Consumption Code and The Enterprise Code, you can watch these videos here.

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The Ten Steps To Wealth

Monday, March 26th, 2012

When you start pursuing The Ten Steps to Wealth, It’s important to realise that when you attempt to grow beyond the boundaries of conventional wisdom, you will not be supported from within that wisdom. To do so would be an admittance that conventional wisdom has limits and is not able to provide for all your needs. Such admittance would cause too many people to awaken to a realisation that conventional wisdom has placed them in a financial prison every bit as real as a physical prison. If this realisation became widespread, conventional wisdom would collapse under its own limitations. If too many people became aware of the possibilities for a radically better life via The Ten Steps To Wealth, they would reject the life of servitude and sameness espoused by convention. The system will fiercely defend a view that involves keeping the masses hypnotised into a life of struggle and lack while those at the top continue to benefit from their labour.

If you pursue learning and understanding with passion and a sense of purpose. If you pursue your Blueprint For Extraordinary Achievement with a reasonably open and logical mind, you quickly realise that only a minority will ever manage to gift themselves opportunities for a rich and rewarding future.

Most people will never read this blog, or read my books, or others like them, so my invitation to live your song rather than, to quote Thoreau, ‘go to your grave with your song still in you’, will never reach more than a few. However the mere fact you are reading this post suggests that you do not wish to remain with the majority. So continue on your journey of discovery because answers are available. When you let go of the myths, stories and beliefs of conventional wisdom, new and more dynamic stories become available. If you want to make more money, if you’re one of a large number of work at home mums, if you want more choice and time freedom, you can start your journey here.

In terms of wealth, people seldom reflect upon the results they’re getting except to say: ‘I want more.’ If you reflect upon your financial results in a general sense, you will either be happy or unhappy. In general you will either be impressed or unimpressed, satisfied or dissatisfied. If you are more than satisfied with your results, you need to be congratulated because you number among a rapidly dwindling minority. If you’re unsatisfied, ask  what you have been doing to achieve your present results? And ask when do you think these results might change? Do you expect they will change if you continue to do as you have been doing? Begin changing your results now

Why wait another day? As Dr Joe Dispenza observes, “As long as you stay the same person, as long as your electromagnetic signature remains the same, you can’t expect a new outcome. To change your life is to change your energy—to make an elemental change in your mind and emotions. If you want a new outcome, you will have to break the habit of being yourself, and reinvent a new self.”

In terms of supporting your transitions to more time, more money and more freedom, there are two avenues I can offer:  the faster lane is the Blueprint for Extraordinary Achievement because I’ll be speaking to you directly… The slower lane is… The Ten Steps To Wealth because it’s where I speak to you more indirectly…

Take care and I hope to connect again soon

Paul Counsel

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The Psychology of Wealth

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

In the Psychology od Wealth, I tell the story of how I went about changing my mind and as I changed my mind, my thoughts changed and then my reality changed. This is the process I wish for you – it’s a process I term the money mastery process.

When you think about it, I became wealthy the same way that most people become wealthy. They start with a strong desire, then they make a decision and then they do whatever it takes to become wealthy. They back this up with belief: belief in themselves, belief in their capabilities, belief that they can navigate any obstacles placed in their way and belief that they can reclaim their potential.

They become passionate about learning and they attain the necessary knowledge of both the psychology of wealth and the mechanics of wealth. They roll up their sleeves and knuckle down to the work ahead of them. They invest learning into knowledge and knowledge into determination and determination into doingness. Then they wrap it up in discipline and focus over time. They do not complain if the going gets tough and they do not waste energy on sceptics and naysayers.

Above all else wealthy people choose to think differently from non-wealthy people. They use a positive psychology of wealth instead of a negative psychology of sameness. They know that the thinking processes of conventional wisdom will not get them the financial freedom they want. They know that such processes are designed to create conformity and there is no wealth in conformity and doing as you have always done. They understand that in order to become wealthy, in order to achieve financial freedom, they know that there are no shortcuts and that they must become a student of The Psychology of Wealth.

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The Money Mastery Process

Sunday, October 9th, 2011

The Money Mastery Process: With the exception of the miniscule number of people who inherit or win wealth, in the majority of cases, wealthy people begin their journeys with a strong desire to change their present circumstances. More often than not change happens in response to some defining moment in their lives where they say: ‘Enough is enough!’ Essentially, they change because they become tired of decades of sameness, tired of always having to settle for less and tired of always having to make compromises. They become tired of living their lives on a financial merry-go-round and they make decisions to change. Even though they don’t fully understand the journey ahead of them, they have enough courage and determination to make a decision and begin a journey towards the money mastery, wealth and freedom they desire. Despite the fact that forward movement is an uncertain activity, they begin their journey with a decision born of passion, born of a will to succeed and an unshakeable belief that they will.

During any minute of any day it is possible for you to decide to change your choices and thus change your results. However in the majority of cases the choices people make are not consciously made; they are the habitual results of past conditioning.

Typically, these choices are selected from a stockpile of familiar options that were created years ago as a consequence of prior learning. As such, they form part of the conditioned responses that people make to any given stimuli. That most people wish for improvements in their financial circumstances is indicative of the ineffective ways in which people choose to organise their financial lives. If nothing changes, the result is a continuation of habitual responses, a continuation of familiar results and a continuation of wishing for better outcomes. Without change, responses can only ever be locked into automatic processes, which generally lie beyond conscious recognition.

That you are seeking new answers needs to be applauded, yet few people will congratulate you for your efforts. Trapped within the confines of conventional wisdom they will criticise you for seeking new solutions to the primary concerns of your condition. If you move forward you move beyond their comfort zones and, when you do this, you begin to threaten their certainty. So don’t give into them, don’t stop because if you keep going, you will achieve The Money Mastery Process.

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