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The Importance Of Mentoring

Saturday, August 24th, 2013

“Experience Productive Benefits, Recurring Value And Increasing Profits… Through One On One Personalised Mentoring Aimed At Delivering Important Outcomes.”

The great family therapist Virginia Satir, once said to the co-creator of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Richard Bandler, “You know, Richard, most people think the will to survive is the strongest instinct in human beings, but it isn’t. The strongest instinct is to keep things familiar” (Source: Make Your Life Great.)

Evolutionary speaking, our brain has a design principle that makes extraordinary change or success difficult for most people. Our brain is designed to act on what it observes, rather than what it doesn’t observe. It acts on reoccurring thoughts rather than new possibilities.

The brain’s design preference for acting on what is already familiar to it, is the single most important factor in why you often can’t effectively solve the challenges you’re facing.

Your reoccurring reality is the result of what your brain notices. But the solutions you need to the challenges you face are always found outside what your brain consistently notices.

It’s why the world’s greatest teams and most successful individuals in any given context engage coaches and mentors. They know that success is found outside what their brain habitually notices… Outside their “familiars”.

The word familiar comes from the 14th C Old French word famelier meaning “intimate, very friendly, on a family footing,” and from the Latin word familiaris which means “domestic, of a household” and “familiar, intimate, and friendly”.

Solutions are often located outside your particular frame of reference… ‘Outside’ what is already familiar to you. They’re found in information and strategies that your brain normally doesn’t notice and this is where mentors become extremely valuable to the outcomes you seek.

Extraordinary success is not something that requires seemingly super human qualities. Nor is it something that is beyond the reach of anyone who wants to tap into their true potential. Simply stated, extraordinary success is achieved through a process of turning creative ideas into sustained behaviours.

Most people generate ideas and dreams but what’s often missing is sustained determination and an ability to remain focused on attending to the behaviours and actions necessary for the realisation of those dreams.

Unquestionably, the common benefits enjoyed by all mentoring clients are that they feel safe to explore territory, strategies, opportunities and information outside their existing familiars.

This leads to exponential increases in self confidence, self ability, self efficacy, self awareness and personal control. In turn, this saves you time, money and costly mistakes.

The ultimate purpose of mentorship is to develop your (as yet) unrealised potential so that life is experienced as a daring adventure of expansion and sustainable achievement. It helps get your results off “pause” and back on “fast forward”.

It’s the Consumption Code that’s most familiar in terms of money results and it’s what keeps dragging you back into your familiars. Freedom, especially in the form of financial freedom, is only possible from productive Enterprise Code change.

Love for you to share your thoughts on this.

Connect soon but please leave your comments below.

Paul Counsel

P.S. If you’d like to know more about The Consumption Code and The Enterprise Code, you can watch these videos here.

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The Psychology of Wealth

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

The Psychology of Wealth: speaking of comfort zones, writer, poet, and contemporary thinker David La Chapelle describes the edges of comfort zones as ‘zones of turmoil’ where new possibilities explode in many dimensions. Any form of change brings with it a move from the certain to the uncertain; from the known to the unknown and the journey towards wealth creation is no different. It is why it’s often referred to as a hero’s journey because it involves moving from familiar to unfamiliar territory where old constructs and perceptions of accuracy begin to fall apart. And this is where courage is needed because when we seriously begin to change the conditions of our experiences, different outcomes occur. Old patterns and strategies simply stop working.

The edge of comfort zones is unfamiliar territory, it’s unknown and it’s scary. Comfort is familiar and familiarity leads to certainty, one of the most powerful of human motivators. People who are strongly motivated by certainty always default to the familiar. They resist change by maintaining old patterns. Familiarity is certainty and certainty generates feelings of reassurance, pleasure, dependability, resoluteness, endurance, satisfaction and knowing what is happening. It is the breakdown of familiarity and certainty that most people fear the most because it affects habitual patterns of reassurance located deep within their psyche.

In any process of change it takes courage to leave the familiar and travel towards the unknown, especially if the unknown involves opportunities for real financial freedom.

If you have a high need for certainty there is little possibility of change taking place because, by definition, change is an uncertain activity and it destabilises the way people choose to organise their lives. Any talk of major change will be seen as a threat, an attack on the familiar, and will be met with strong resistance. Certainty is about doing the same things over and over again because it is comforting and, whilst one might complain about their financial results, at least they are familiar and they can keep reproducing them.

There is no mystery in comfort, there are no adventures, no challenges beyond survival, no requirements beyond the known, no variety beyond misfortune, no newness beyond consistency, no progress beyond immediate gratification, and no demands beyond the daily immersion in ‘sameness’. Comfort zones generally represent the death of learning because learning takes you into mysterious places; it takes you to the edge of your known and is suggestive of undetermined outcomes. Although uncertainty leads to variety, uncertainty is scary for those who prefer sameness because it requires the successful navigation of the unfamiliar. Some people resist change at all costs: The Psychology of Wealth.

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