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The Benefits Of Personalised Mentoring

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

“How To Experience Productive Benefits, Recurring Value And Increasing Profits… Through One On One Personalised Mentoring Aimed At Delivering Important Outcomes.”

The clear purpose of mentoring is to engage processes that support change and multiply your investment of time, energy and financial resources.

If you want to increase your profits and productivity, or your chances of success in any given context, then personalised one on one mentoring is the best investment of Time… Energy and Money you’ll ever make.

It’s now undeniable that the power of mentoring is unrivalled.  Research indicates that the power of personalised mentoring consistently returns between 500% and 800% on the costs of your mentoring. (Source: David Rock. Results Coaching Systems)

It’s a proven way of accessing your own personal or professional mastermind that stands as a brick wall in support of your important outcomes.

It allows you to move away from poor money results based on the Consumption Code model of making more money, so that you can more rapidly enjoy the money results based on the Enterprise Code of making more money.


Personalised mentoring is the key to higher levels of personal or professional success because it engages you in qualitatively rich learning. This means moving beyond the simple absorption of information and finding ways to put highly specialised new knowledge into practical use

Learning has added value when you learn in a concentrated manner because you learn at a faster rate and it’s internalised more deeply

The best way to achieve this is through one on one mentoring because it’s personalised and it saves you time, money, energy and costly mistakes. Mentoring streamlines years of research, testing and strategic development to help you achieve highly profitable results

Along with faster access to greater profits that lead to financial freedom on a sustainable basis, the benefits of mentoring include:

•Tailored information that fits your circumstances and individuality
• Multiplying your investment of time, energy and resources
• Unlimited individualised attention and focused mastery feedback
• Access to someone who watches your back and prevents costly mistakes
• Access to someone who stands as a brick wall in support of your progress
• Real time qualitative instruction tailored to your circumstances and your needs
• Greater access to creative energy and productive entrepreneurial spirit

Because mentors are more emotionally and psychologically invested in your learning and creative potential, they divulge more of their secrets and inner thinking than they would to anyone else. In this way, learning is more efficient, more dynamic and more precise which leads to greater professional/personal achievement

Mentoring prevents you from making wrong choices or absorbing “wrong knowledge” which slows your progress and creates negative effects that can take years to recover from

Mentoring helps you simplify your achievement processes by making your practice more time and costs efficient

Love for you to share your thoughts on this.

Connect soon but please leave your comments below.

Paul Counsel

P.S. If you’d like to know why The Consumption Code creates less money and The Enterprise Code allows you to make more money, enjoy online wealth or create wealth online, you can watch these important videos here.

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The Psychology of Wealth

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

In The Psychology of Wealth post yesterday, I spoke of the importance of valuing time, especially taking time out of your day to think about the things that are most important to you. To continue along this same theme, (please read yesterday’s post to make this one make sense) if you would change things immediately, it means that you might need to consider that what you are currently doing might not be as fulfilling as you had initially hoped it would be. The important thing to understand is firstly to be conscious of this awareness. Secondly, determine if you’re prepared to undergo another 5 or 10 years of sameness, predictability and settling for less.

Unless you have a well thought plan, and you are using strategies designed to produce a rewarding future based on what you say is important for you, then consider for a moment what sort of future you are  producing. If you do not change now, how are you ever going to give your life meaning beyond your capacity to labour? How will you ever achieve money mastery and a rewarding life of financial freedom, if you keep doing the same things over and over again?

I’m in Western Australia in a city called Perth, and this city has the reputation of being the most geographically isolated capital city in the world. The reason I tell you this is because at one stage I was dead flat broke, you can check out more of this story at so I decided to radically change the way I thought about money and what I was doing. A few short years later, I was financially free and have been mentoring people here in Perth ever since. The point of this story is that if I can bring about such a change, so can you. You see, I believe that you are as capable as me. It doesn’t matter where you live, as long as you are safe and secure and you have your basic needs met, even if you live in the most geographically isolated capital city in the world, you can affect great change for yourself.

Find a mentor, find someone who will teach you, read their books, read their websites, get into their energy orbits, offer them value, do their online courses, follow them on FaceBook; you don’t have to do it all by yourself. If you want a more meaningful future there is no time like the present to begin your journey. If you have enough courage and determination, you can become totally financially free in a relatively short period of time. When I started out I did not know where I was headed or how to get there. All I knew was that I did not want to live in the ‘rat race’ of sameness anymore. I began by asking better questions and looking for ways to break free of the maze. Learning  from others who had already achieved what I wanted provided the tools I needed.

Remember that time is irreplaceable and is always a diminishing resource. Right now you might think you are working towards a time in your life where you can do what your heart is set on. However, if you really examine your current results, you might find that what you’re doing is really a distraction to what you say is important for you. If your financial results are not as you wish, and if you keep doing what you are doing, how are you going to finance your dreams? Or will they just remain dreams? 

If you are doing what most people are doing it might be time to realise that, unless you change, you may never be in a position to do what you have your heart set on because you are essentially going to run out of time. Unless you start to increase your knowledge and make plans to do things differently you will end up not really living the life you truly wanted. If you want to read more about The Psychology of Wealth, you can read the whole story of how I went from financial underachiever to a life of financial freedom: the whole story is in The Psychology of Wealth.

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