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The Benefits Of Personalised Mentoring

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

“How To Experience Productive Benefits, Recurring Value And Increasing Profits… Through One On One Personalised Mentoring Aimed At Delivering Important Outcomes.”

The clear purpose of mentoring is to engage processes that support change and multiply your investment of time, energy and financial resources.

If you want to increase your profits and productivity, or your chances of success in any given context, then personalised one on one mentoring is the best investment of Time… Energy and Money you’ll ever make.

It’s now undeniable that the power of mentoring is unrivalled.  Research indicates that the power of personalised mentoring consistently returns between 500% and 800% on the costs of your mentoring. (Source: David Rock. Results Coaching Systems)

It’s a proven way of accessing your own personal or professional mastermind that stands as a brick wall in support of your important outcomes.

It allows you to move away from poor money results based on the Consumption Code model of making more money, so that you can more rapidly enjoy the money results based on the Enterprise Code of making more money.


Personalised mentoring is the key to higher levels of personal or professional success because it engages you in qualitatively rich learning. This means moving beyond the simple absorption of information and finding ways to put highly specialised new knowledge into practical use

Learning has added value when you learn in a concentrated manner because you learn at a faster rate and it’s internalised more deeply

The best way to achieve this is through one on one mentoring because it’s personalised and it saves you time, money, energy and costly mistakes. Mentoring streamlines years of research, testing and strategic development to help you achieve highly profitable results

Along with faster access to greater profits that lead to financial freedom on a sustainable basis, the benefits of mentoring include:

•Tailored information that fits your circumstances and individuality
• Multiplying your investment of time, energy and resources
• Unlimited individualised attention and focused mastery feedback
• Access to someone who watches your back and prevents costly mistakes
• Access to someone who stands as a brick wall in support of your progress
• Real time qualitative instruction tailored to your circumstances and your needs
• Greater access to creative energy and productive entrepreneurial spirit

Because mentors are more emotionally and psychologically invested in your learning and creative potential, they divulge more of their secrets and inner thinking than they would to anyone else. In this way, learning is more efficient, more dynamic and more precise which leads to greater professional/personal achievement

Mentoring prevents you from making wrong choices or absorbing “wrong knowledge” which slows your progress and creates negative effects that can take years to recover from

Mentoring helps you simplify your achievement processes by making your practice more time and costs efficient

Love for you to share your thoughts on this.

Connect soon but please leave your comments below.

Paul Counsel

P.S. If you’d like to know why The Consumption Code creates less money and The Enterprise Code allows you to make more money, enjoy online wealth or create wealth online, you can watch these important videos here.

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The Ten Steps To Weath

Friday, May 4th, 2012

I’ve got some terrific news for attendees of The Ten Steps To Wealth Q&A webinar tomorrow

I’ve managed to invite a very special guest mentor onto the call tomorrow morning Western Australian time to offer a few different perspectives than mine to the questions you’ve sent in.

My special guest is Stuart Levin from Silicon Valley, California and he’s taking time out of a seminar to be with us.

Stuart has raised financing for start up businesses, growing businesses, and downsizing businesses. He’s also sold his own business for a 7 figure exit. He’s supported Fortune 500 business growth with one of the largest Fortune 500 companies in the world, especially when it came to the critical intersection of operations and technology. He’s experienced at helping a billion dollar global products group manage its growth costs more effectively…. In his own words Stuart says, “I love the challenges of business growth, and mentoring others for personal and team growth.”

To get value out of these Q&A sessions, you need to be on them live. For a whole host of reasons, they are not being recorded for later access.

If you’ve got questions for someone of Stuart’s experience… feel free to send them in now so I can forward them to Stuart and he can prepare his best answer, of if you prefer, you can ask them live and get his ‘off the cuff’ replies.

Stuart is a master at making more money but recently, he left the corporate world in order to start a number of his own businesses and make more money through online marketing.

To get onto these calls, you need to be on the Ten Steps To Wealth eCourse otherwise the Q&A’s won’t make sense.  They’re especially good if you’re one of the growing number of work at home moms.

The Q&A’s will be taking place every fortnight or so.

Update: The Q&A was a huge success and we had many comments such as these from Mary… “Thankyou to Paul and Barry and of course the special guest in Stuart for the Q and A webinar.  What a great forum for discussing things that people have on their mind and perhaps ask questions that others would like to have an answer to, but haven’t been able to language.  It is worth listening to for just that reason alone, but there was so much more.  I think having a guest like Stu who moves in those arenas, but has reflected to all us that we all start off from a similar position of uncertainty and apprehension, but like you have said many times over – it begins with that first step – and there is no failure, just feedback and correction followed by application and the repeating of the activity, which is part of the focus issue.”

And Wendy…

Hi Paul

“I am very appreciative of getting such a thorough and helpful answer to the question I emailed you prior to the session.  I almost didn’t manage to do the email but I am so glad I did and I encourage others to do the same.  It made getting up at a time that is early (for me) very worthwhile.  I guess I am lucky that you seem to be a morning person given it was sent close to midnight last night!”

Have a great weekend


You can tap into the complimentary eCourse at

So send in your questions and I’ll answer them soon


Paul Counsel

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The Ten Steps To Wealth

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

“The Importance Of Focus”

If you’ve been working your way through The Ten Steps To Wealth eCourse, I hope things are starting to come together for you, BUT… I also realise there’s so much to learn isn’t there.

The secret to success is “not to give up” and I know this is easier said than done.

I was speaking to a person who I’ve been mentoring for a month or so now and it was an interesting conversation.

He’s someone who has been up in the millions of dollars of earnings but has always achieved these results via the “corporate” arena.

A year or so ago, he was so fed up with the back stabbing, the unfeeling ruthlessness and the lack of real care for clients that he decided to sever his ties with the corporate world and start out on his own entrepreneurial pathway.

Along with thousands of work from home moms, online marketers and people who want to make more money in an entrepreneurial way, he found the challenge of moving away from a structured environment a little daunting at first.

His current challenge is that he’s now finding a host of opportunities, demands, requests for help and distractions that are competing for his attention. As a result, he hasn’t progressed very far on his own entrepreneurial pathway… and now he’s starting to worry a bit about his cash flow, or lack of it I should say.

Anyway, he’s reached out for a bit of support now and it won’t be long before we transform his money results into results he’s happy with.

The conversation we were having was centred on the notion of “Self Efficacy” and I explained that the secret to success that most people miss, it’s also the secret that “THE SECRET” missed…

It’s the secret to all manifestation, all productiveness, all Olympic medals, all winning teams, all stellar relationships, all forms of economic and personal freedom, all political wins and I could go on and on…

In its simplest form, the secret to getting more of what you want and less of what you don’t want is “Attention to Intention“.

This is a critical point and one that’s often missed because “circumstance” seems to always have you focused in different directions.

There is heaps of scientific research on this which I won’t bore you with but suffice to say that relative to your intention, everything else is a distraction… The more distraction there is, the less you get of what you truly want.

Once you’ve been through The Ten Steps Program, the most critical lesson I’d like you to get from everything you’ve read is the regaining of your ‘attending qualities to intention’.

Once you’re pretty clear on what these qualities are, I want to help you build higher levels of “Self Efficacy”.

I’m going to write more about Self Efficacy in a different post but if you’d like to do some further reading on this topic, you can click to a Self Efficacy article on…

Don’t worry too much about the jargon… we’ll work our way through so that it makes real sense.

Until then, stay on track and I hope you enjoy the rest of the articles on The Ten Steps To Wealth.

Don’t forget to send in questions if you have any

Update: Lots of people sent in questions for answering during our live Q&A session and here is a response from Wendy… “Paul yes the answers made sense.  I can see that setting smaller goals and succeeding with these will help build my confidence in being successful. I appreciated the feedback on working with suppliers and will give that a go. It was generally just a fantastic hour, as I found the information on the other questions useful too.”

The next Q&A is coming up shortly so if you have questions you would like answers to, send them in through The Ten Steps To Wealth website. You’ll be given instructions as soon as you register.

The Ten Steps To Wealth eCourse


Paul Counsel

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The Ten Steps To Wealth

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

Part of your journey along The Ten Steps To Wealth is having a plan for how to change your brain so that it more comfortably allows you to change and achieve what is important for you. Here’s a video on YouTube that will help you to develop such a plan. There is a series of five videos that start with this one. A Plan For How To Change Your Brain For Successing

In yesterday’s post I spoke about the idea that each step is really a phase that you must progress through in order to achieve the wealth or the results you are looking for. If you don’t pass through these phases, nothing happens other than your results remaining the same.

Have you ever noticed how there seems to be an endless list of wishes that people would like to achieve. People wish they had more free time; wish they did not have to work such long hours, wish they had more disposable income; wish they did not have to get up and go to work; or wish they could take a decent holiday.

In fact, most people have a relatively long wish list, yet seldom do they take the time to think about the reasons why their present results are as they are. Simply by wishing for the results to be different, most people fail to seek solutions to the causes of why things turn out the way they do. Despite wanting wealth, most people never make wealth a big enough MUST in their lives. Unless your reasons are big enough, you won’y have the necessary energy to complete the phase transitions or The Ten Steps For Wealth themselves.

Despite their list of wishes, the behaviour of most people is directed towards the continuation of actions based on the struggle of opposing desires.  On the one hand, the subconscious mind promotes an image of the world which appears ‘normal’ and not really all that bad. While people wish for financial freedom, more money, secrets of success, more connected relationships and more free time, there is a relative degree of comfort in their immediate surroundings. As a consequence, there is little motivation for serious change to take place.

On the other hand, despite this seemingly ‘normal’ view, there is a much deeper struggle taking place which witnesses a constant internal conflict between wishing for wealth and the avoidance of the necessary actions you must take in order for wealth to be achieved. Because most people never resolve this internal conflict, doubt, fear, worry, cynicism, scepticism and the lack of certainty become constant companions in a contemporary busy life.

Conventional wisdom achieves two things… it actively supports your development into a consumer being and a lifetime of consuming your financial potential. Secondly,  it actively resists and discourages development beyond this level.

Take a Journey along The Ten Steps To Wealth pathway and I’ll meet you in one of the transition phases

Wishing you every success

Paul Counsel

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The Ten Steps To Wealth

Sunday, March 4th, 2012

When I was designing The Ten Steps To Wealth eCourse program, I noticed that over the years, among all the reasons why people fail in their attempts to create economic and personal freedom, or generate more money,  or build successful online money making businesses, or create increasing share trading profits, or to be successful work at home mums, had to do with a number of common factors.

The first had to do with a failure to convert desire for financial independence into an absolute ‘must have’ life philosophy. Many people have good intentions to ‘get around to’ the necessary work of learning and application, but generally speaking some sort of road block gets in the way and distracts your attention. This often results in another couple of years being “consumed” before the right timing and “opportunity” comes around again.

Alternatively, have you ever caught yourself saying, “As soon as I finish x, y and z’ I’ll get around to it.” But you never do and the downward spiral of results continues.

By far the biggest impediment to extraordinary success, especially when it comes to money, is attempting to build extraordinary levels of success on societally conditioned foundations of mind. The problem with these foundations is that they imprison you into the money mindsets of earn, spend and borrow. When you follow these three mindsets, you lock yourself into a lifelong job ready servitude process that most people can never escape from. They need to keep doing what they’re doing simply because they need the money to pay the increasing number of bills. When you’re young, you won’t notice this process and you’ll be doing what all your friends and social networks are doing.

But as you approach middle age, a new awareness awakens you to the fact that if you don’t do something different, you’ll be trapped in a lifestyle from which you can’t escape. If you’re like most people, you’ll have a burning desire to really start living more of the innate potential you’re capable of but you won’t know how to break free of the energy orbit of routine sameness. The only way out is to change the foundations of mind you’re currently using and this is exactly what the complimentary Ten Steps To Wealth online eCourse helps you to achieve.

These new foundations are vitally important in terms of building a future based on economic and personal freedom. There is no question that you are going to have the greatest successes by changing the foundations of your mind. When you do, you’ll easily attend to all the ‘achievement processes’ involved in the successful creation of economic and personal freedom. If you do not attend to the foundations of mind, economic and personal freedom may never become available during your lifetime.

For those who do not succeed, the failure to convert desire into achievement action is compounded by ineffective thoughts and behaviours which stimulate sameness and promotes stasis. Sameness is supported by a lack of knowledge, a lack of action, a lack of goals and a lack of belief in the possibilities of individual achievement. By enrolling in the eCourse, you’ll learn that the lack of conversion of  ‘desire’ into ‘achievement action’ has to do with the lack of restructuring of personal cognitive processes.

As a result, most people continue to build their economic futures on contradictions, hunches, conditioned responses, and doing the ‘right’ thing, coupled with ineffective advice, guesswork and traditional practices. Such foundations are unstable and offer no long-term benefit. Restructuring for success includes assembling material that will enable you to build a powerful individualised “Blueprint For Extraordinary Achievement”.

But first you must begin the redesign process with The Ten Steps To Wealth, they’re the very steps I used to move from absolute broke to my first net million dollars in 3.8 years. When you join The Ten Steps To Wealth community, you won’t be alone because I’ll be there to support you all the way.


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