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Your Pathway To Prosperity

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

“How To Achieve Prosperity And Have More Fun, Excitement, Free Time And Financial Independence. Discover… The Pathway To Prosperity”

Not so many years ago, I was far from anything that could be described as financially thriving. In fact, I was dead flat broke, spent more nights in a car than a house and couldn’t see any way out of my predicament.

When I finally reached a point of enough’s enough… I decided to create the rest of my life experience from a state of freedom rather than a state of incarceration.

So I set out on a journey to discover The Pathway To Prosperity.

It can be yours to if you want it…

A few years after I started this journey, I successfully transformed myself from being a dead flat broke potter to living the sort of prosperity and good fortune that I wish everyone could experience.

In this next series of blog posts, I’ll describe the steps I took to turn my misfortune into good fortune.

But before I do this, let me say something about the nature of society and how it prevents you from living a prosperous lifestyle.

You could be forgiven for thinking that mechanisms within society have single minded focus on economic prosperity. There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with this but… it often competes negatively with other aspects of prosperity such as health, happiness, thriving, and flourishing in your chosen lifestyle.

In today’s economic climate, ever increasing costs require you to give up more and more life hours for yourself so that you can offer them to work and its labour demands.

At the same time, the subtle but ever present mass marketing demands require you to spend more and more of your hard earned money on consumption goods that depreciate in value.

Prosperity is described as a state of flourishing, thriving, and good fortune; a state that encompasses financial freedom, happiness, fulfilment and optimal wellness.

The more hours you’re forced to give up, the more you’re driven away from your lifestyle preferences. This results in more stress but less flourishing, thriving, prosperity and good fortune.

The timeliness of Pathway To Prosperity is no coincidence. With the increased stressors of modern living, achieving more prosperity in your lifestyle is an absolute must do if more happiness is important.

You can begin with a simple change in mindset… that’s what I did. And the moment I did this, I took my first step towards an extraordinary life.

That’s the key…

If you’re like most people you’ve been conditioned to attempt to create freedom and prosperity from the position of servitude to large amounts of debt.

This is lunacy and it never works. Witness the millions of unhappy people who never experience more time… more money… or even get close to more freedom.

Instead of thriving and experiencing good fortune, they experience, less time… less money… and less freedom.

If you’d like to turn these outcomes upside down, this is exactly what the Pathway To Prosperity will show you how to do.

Finally, you can say goodbye to your old results and achieve prosperity and freedom. I know this to be true because I’ve witnessed thousands of people achieve similar results for themselves.

Does it take time? Sure it does. But you never need to do more than just one step at a time. All you need is a strong determination to succeed and I’ll give you the map that I and so many others have used for ourselves.

The sad thing is that most people are closer to freedom and prosperity than they realise but, because they’re so busy, they never give themselves enough time to see these possibilities for themselves.

They’ve become so trapped in their “daily routines” that they can’t see the wood through the trees.

The Pathway To Prosperity is my proven curriculum of 11 steps that I’ve been teaching people in one form or another since 2003. Each step is underpinned on incredibly powerful information revealed by cutting edge discoveries into the neuroscience and psychology of abundance and prosperity.

They encourage you to achieve extraordinary results in every area of your life… 

The Pathway To Prosperity is designed to ensure you end the tug-of-war between your desire for more and your restrictions of time and choice. Just choose an important outcome you want for yourself and allow me to support you in attaining that outcome.

Each step acts powerfully in every aspect of life you choose:

  • from weight loss to more connected relationships
  • from being lost in a sea of sameness to finding your true purpose in life
  • from experiences of isolation to finding a group of like minded people to connect with
  • from the servitude of debt to lucrative finances and cash flow
  • from societal servitude to the freedom of physical and emotional resilience

Over the next series of blogs, I’ll post a synopsis of each of the 11 proven steps along the Pathway To Prosperity.

By taking deliberate action on each one, what you’ll begin to experience on a daily basis will directly result from the processes you learn.

Each of the steps are exactly the same steps I took to recondition my mind so that I could transform myself from being a dead flat broke potter to someone who now enjoys financial prosperity along with good fortune and a flourishing and thriving lifestyle.

Now it’s your turn to move from a life of struggle to an inspiring, creative, abundant and productive life of freedom.

I’ll post each of the steps in subsequent posts

You can find lots of other resources at and

Connect again soon

Paul Counsel


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The Ten Steps To Wealth

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

The Ten Steps To Wealth is your blueprint for financial freedom. Imagine you’re in a position where you need a new building. Perhaps it’s a commercial skyscraper or perhaps it’s a new home for an expanding lifestyle. So you make inquiries and you find someone who offers to construct your new building.

Accordingly you ask to see the concept plans, design work, building schedules, construction plan, financial break down of materials and labour costs and the list goes on. But your builder says, “Hang on a minute, I’m not that sort of builder, I don’t build to a plan. To save money I build things as I go and how I feel at the time. I build according to the advice and opinions of others, on guesswork, on hunches, on intuition and what my mates say. I mean, when I really get down to it, I just build things based on the way I feel on the day. I like to keep changing my ideas and not commit to any one idea or design. This way, I can remain flexible and I’m able to change my ideas at any time.”

‘Insane’ would be an understatement if you gave this builder the go ahead wouldn’t it? It would be ridiculous to let a person start building your skyscraper or your new home unless they had been through a rigorous design process with you, they had well thought out plans and they were highly experienced builders with a well designed budget. Basically you would want quality everything. Quality design, quality plans, quality service, quality materials, quality workmanship, quality finishes and quality results.

Given this, why do most people build their economic futures on little other than opinions, advice, guesswork, hunches, intuition, on what their friends say and how they feel about things on any given day? Why isn’t this as equally as insane as a builder not having a plan? is where you get your solid plan, your personal blueprint.

Why are people so conditioned to entertain the ‘build my financial life as I go’ mentality? It’s no wonder that so many people struggle financially. If you wouldn’t build a family home on anything other than solid foundations and well thought out plans, why would you build a seventy to eighty year economic life on a lack of planning, on a lack of goals, on guess work, on poor advice, on intuition, on feelings, on hunches and a lack of financially productive knowledge?

A quality life ‘must’ be built on quality foundations and be inclusive of well thought out plans. It must also include goals because without goals you simply have no clear destiny or targets to aim for. To do anything else is to embrace the ‘insane’ reference above. The structure you build determines where
your energy goes.

If you build on guesswork, advice and hunches, your energy is being directed into guesswork, advice and hunches. As you are what you think, you are what you give your energies to. And what you give your energies to will be attracted back to you. This energy then forms the basis of your results. The Ten Steps To Wealth gives you a head start in the right direction. Ultimately, this complimentary eCourse will not only save you time and money, it’ll save you the heartache that comes from financial loss and the loss of time that can never be regained.

Access The Ten Steps To Wealth eCourse, and bonus webinar, through

I’ve had so many comments back on the ideas in this post and just wanted to say thanks for noticing. Remember to start on your Ten Steps journey so we can really connect up.


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