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Your Pathway To Prosperity Step #1

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

 ”Walking the Red Carpet To The Lifestyle You Deserve”.

Welcome to this post in The Ten Steps To Wealth series which is concentrating on the 11 steps I took before succeeding on my journey from dead flat broke to financial freedom with multiple millions…

I worked on each step… one per day for one hour per day, so that I could erase the hardship money mind conditioned into me during childhood and replace it with a new enterprise money mind…

The Pathway To Prosperity… is a brief description of each step so I hope you enjoy them. Even better, If you’re willing to employ them, I hope you get the same results I have.

The idea that we live in an age where it’s increasingly important to build your levels of prosperity and resilience cannot be understated.

It’s only by taking control of the outcomes that are important to you, that you can look forward to a time of great excitement and hope. The alternative is to leave your future in the hands of politicians and government decision makers. It’s something I fear most people will do.

But not you I hope!

Greetings… My name is Paul counsel

If you’ve read anything of my story, you’ll know that at the age of 40…

I had several part time jobs that didn’t pay well…

And I was dead flat broke

However… By my 44th birthday I was a millionaire… and I now teach people how to achieve similar results.

Even though I became financially successful, it’s important to understand that my success didn’t come overnight… it came about because I worked on it daily for about an hour…

I worked on “one” step at a time and when I had finished the 11 steps I went back to the beginning and refined everything I had done over and over again.

I know you can achieve similar outcomes because I’ve seen so many people do it before you… I’ve been supporting and mentoring people for nearly 16 years now so I know it’s possible.

If you leave your future in the hands of politicians and government decision makers… you just have to keep accepting what turns up… so I hope you don’t follow this strategy.

Each step on the Pathway To Prosperity is designed to give you quick access to a torrent of possibility and joy in your life.

Below is a brief summary of step #1 along the Pathway To Prosperity… the step by step process to more time… more money… & more choice…

Step # 1 begins with Walking the Red Carpet to the lifestyle you deserve… is where you need to start.

Prosperity begins by shifting your thinking into what’s truly possible. The eleven steps lay out the most effective pathway to take in order to save you enormous amounts of money, and wasted time.

No longer will you feel confused or uncertain about being able to get the results you want at your deepest levels of possibility.

Napoleon Hill said, “If you are one of those people who believe hard work and honesty alone bring riches, perish the thought, because it’s not true. “Riches, when they come in huge quantities, are never the result of hard work. Riches come, if they come at all, in response to definite demands based upon the operation of definite principles, and not by chance or luck.”

So let’s start this first step with a definite principle… “Prosperity must be created in your mind first before it can be created in reality”.

What if you could produce your own Hollywood block buster prosperity movie… what would it look like?

What if you could write the script and play the starring role in economic and personal freedom instead of the consumption role that most people play from day to day.

Society teaches you to be a worker and, through its financial education, it locks you into three “money” mindsets of earn, spend and borrow. When you do what society teaches you, you’re locked into patterns of never having enough time, money or freedom.

What if you could exit your old money movie and walk the red carpet into a prosperity lifestyle purposely designed exactly the way you want it? Well you can… you can start by designing your new mind movie script mentioned above.

This is exactly what the Pathway To Prosperity is all about.

If you want to experience economic and personal freedom you must develop an inner mind movie that allows you to achieve economic and personal freedom.

This means changing your current money code.

If you can’t do this, you’re in danger of remaining with the status quo’s mind blocks. Mark Twain said it best, “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.”

In order to walk the Pathway To Prosperity, you must design your way onto it.

Over the next day or so,  take half an hour to write or draw a two minute mind movie of the sorts of prosperity you want to experience.

Detail your movie with six scenes… what life is like now… a chance meeting… the things you learned… the results you achieve… what you now share with others…  and how this makes you feel…

Detail each scene with as much emotion as you can without overcrowding it.

When I watch your movie, I need to be crystal clear on what you’re experiencing.

Stay tuned for the next post in The Ten Steps To Wealth series which concentrates on Prosperity Step #2

See you there

Paul Counsel


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Your Pathway To Prosperity

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

“How To Achieve Prosperity And Have More Fun, Excitement, Free Time And Financial Independence. Discover… The Pathway To Prosperity”

Not so many years ago, I was far from anything that could be described as financially thriving. In fact, I was dead flat broke, spent more nights in a car than a house and couldn’t see any way out of my predicament.

When I finally reached a point of enough’s enough… I decided to create the rest of my life experience from a state of freedom rather than a state of incarceration.

So I set out on a journey to discover The Pathway To Prosperity.

It can be yours to if you want it…

A few years after I started this journey, I successfully transformed myself from being a dead flat broke potter to living the sort of prosperity and good fortune that I wish everyone could experience.

In this next series of blog posts, I’ll describe the steps I took to turn my misfortune into good fortune.

But before I do this, let me say something about the nature of society and how it prevents you from living a prosperous lifestyle.

You could be forgiven for thinking that mechanisms within society have single minded focus on economic prosperity. There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with this but… it often competes negatively with other aspects of prosperity such as health, happiness, thriving, and flourishing in your chosen lifestyle.

In today’s economic climate, ever increasing costs require you to give up more and more life hours for yourself so that you can offer them to work and its labour demands.

At the same time, the subtle but ever present mass marketing demands require you to spend more and more of your hard earned money on consumption goods that depreciate in value.

Prosperity is described as a state of flourishing, thriving, and good fortune; a state that encompasses financial freedom, happiness, fulfilment and optimal wellness.

The more hours you’re forced to give up, the more you’re driven away from your lifestyle preferences. This results in more stress but less flourishing, thriving, prosperity and good fortune.

The timeliness of Pathway To Prosperity is no coincidence. With the increased stressors of modern living, achieving more prosperity in your lifestyle is an absolute must do if more happiness is important.

You can begin with a simple change in mindset… that’s what I did. And the moment I did this, I took my first step towards an extraordinary life.

That’s the key…

If you’re like most people you’ve been conditioned to attempt to create freedom and prosperity from the position of servitude to large amounts of debt.

This is lunacy and it never works. Witness the millions of unhappy people who never experience more time… more money… or even get close to more freedom.

Instead of thriving and experiencing good fortune, they experience, less time… less money… and less freedom.

If you’d like to turn these outcomes upside down, this is exactly what the Pathway To Prosperity will show you how to do.

Finally, you can say goodbye to your old results and achieve prosperity and freedom. I know this to be true because I’ve witnessed thousands of people achieve similar results for themselves.

Does it take time? Sure it does. But you never need to do more than just one step at a time. All you need is a strong determination to succeed and I’ll give you the map that I and so many others have used for ourselves.

The sad thing is that most people are closer to freedom and prosperity than they realise but, because they’re so busy, they never give themselves enough time to see these possibilities for themselves.

They’ve become so trapped in their “daily routines” that they can’t see the wood through the trees.

The Pathway To Prosperity is my proven curriculum of 11 steps that I’ve been teaching people in one form or another since 2003. Each step is underpinned on incredibly powerful information revealed by cutting edge discoveries into the neuroscience and psychology of abundance and prosperity.

They encourage you to achieve extraordinary results in every area of your life… 

The Pathway To Prosperity is designed to ensure you end the tug-of-war between your desire for more and your restrictions of time and choice. Just choose an important outcome you want for yourself and allow me to support you in attaining that outcome.

Each step acts powerfully in every aspect of life you choose:

  • from weight loss to more connected relationships
  • from being lost in a sea of sameness to finding your true purpose in life
  • from experiences of isolation to finding a group of like minded people to connect with
  • from the servitude of debt to lucrative finances and cash flow
  • from societal servitude to the freedom of physical and emotional resilience

Over the next series of blogs, I’ll post a synopsis of each of the 11 proven steps along the Pathway To Prosperity.

By taking deliberate action on each one, what you’ll begin to experience on a daily basis will directly result from the processes you learn.

Each of the steps are exactly the same steps I took to recondition my mind so that I could transform myself from being a dead flat broke potter to someone who now enjoys financial prosperity along with good fortune and a flourishing and thriving lifestyle.

Now it’s your turn to move from a life of struggle to an inspiring, creative, abundant and productive life of freedom.

I’ll post each of the steps in subsequent posts

You can find lots of other resources at and

Connect again soon

Paul Counsel


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The Psychology of Wealth

Monday, January 30th, 2012

The Psychology of Wealth notes that most people don’t apply a fraction of the new stuff they learn. There’s always something stopping them and it’s the very thing that causes underachievement relative to their innate potential.

The conscious part of you wants to do things and often feels restless and frustrated because it can’t get any traction and it can’t achieve what’s important to you. Something prevents the action part of your brain from responding to the desire part of your brain.

On your journey to economic and personal freedom, you’re always going to bump into contradictory forces. Some forces see you pushing past fears and achieving all your dreams.
Most forces are designed to keep you locked into underachievement and locked into your fears.

The psychology of wealth means understanding an important concept before you can progress. Between your subconscious and conscious mind lies what psychologists call your “critical faculty”. It’s a powerful psychological filtering mechanism that monitors every thought or idea that comes into your awareness. It rejects anything that doesn’t resonate with information that’s previously been accepted by your subconscious mind as being “true” for you.

Unbeknown to your conscious mind, if you’ve previously accepted that financial freedom is not possible for you, or you believe you’re not clever enough, or that you don’t deserve happiness, or that you don’t have the time, as far as your subconscious mind is concerned, these are “truths” and it’ll reject any information to the contrary.

Your subconscious mind is where you find powerful drivers for action. Problem is that it mainly operates on old instructions, old programs and the information stored in old beliefs and values and past experiences. Broadly speaking, the conscious mind acts on your desire for knowledge and information, for learning new stuff and dreaming big dreams.

No matter how much your conscious mind might want something, unless you change the programs of your subconscious mind, your “critical faculty” will ensure that nothing gets through to the action part of your brain and that you remain stuck with old results.

For the most part, messages from the conscious mind cannot get through to the subconscious mind because the filters of the critical faculty are clogged with old ideas and beliefs, with fears and doubts, worries and stress, excuses and stories, uncertainty and old conditioning. It’s why people repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

Learning how to “unclog” your critical faculty is the most exciting learning you can ever do. New and exciting neuroscience and neuroeconomic research reveals that by applying new learning, not only are you able to clear your filters, you open up new pathways between the desire and action parts of your brain. It’s one of the main secrets of millionaires.

Just imagine, with these secrets of success on board, in a few short months from now, you could completely avoid more years of sameness, settling for less and putting yourself last. You’ll be able to reclaim your dreams and achieve the results that are important to you.

You become more productive and get twice as much done with half the effort. It’s not hard; it just takes some new knowledge and a bit of dedication. You can even get some of it to become automatic so you don’t have to work so hard.

A series of complimentary webinars on this topic is being delivered to those enrolled in The Ten Steps To Wealth eCourse. The first of these begins on Thursday 2nd of Feb 7.30pm to 8.30pm Perth time in Western Australia. If you’re registered at but can’t make the time slot, a recording will be made available.

You can learn to unshackle the power of your mind and have wealth, happiness, choice and freedom as measurable results. Most importantly, you’ll have an inner knowing, an inner confidence that you can now control any outcome you want to experience, have or be: that’s the value of the psychology of wealth.

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The Psychology of Wealth

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

The Psychology of Wealth is always interested in the power of the mind to create an individual’s reality.

The power of your subconscious is said to be a million times more powerful than your conscious mind. While this ratio may differ according to different research, there is absolutely no doubting that a huge ratio exists.

I’ve seen too many instances where the subconscious mind gets blamed for underachievement because of all the conditioned programs it keeps running. But the power of the subconscious mind is fantastic news because you can use it to shape extraordinary achievement just as well as it can shape underachievement.

Within the subconscious mind is an automatic successing mechanism that’s reflexive and habitual. It keeps you safe from harm and it’s been guiding the survival and development of the human species for hundreds of thousands of years. You can learn to shape this very same successing mechanism in a way that has you automatically becoming more productive and achievement oriented over the next year or so.

The first principle of whatever you want over the next twelve months is “to think it into existence first”. And I’m pretty sure that this is a major point of breakdown for most people. If you don’t first create a mental reality of what you want, there is simply nothing for physical reality to catch up to. Physical reality moves slower than mental reality so if you don’t have an unconflicted belief or an unconflicted image in your mind’s reality, the physical reality of what you want can never materialise.

Whatever is important for you in 2012, thinking it into existence is the critical first step. For this to happen, you must begin to think differently about yourself. If not, through the power of your subconscious success mechanism, old programs, or “automatic default feedback mechanisms”, keep running the show.

If you’re interested in learning more, I’m giving a complimentary webinar on this topic next week to people enrolled in the Ten Steps To Wealth Program.  Encourage prosperity to visit you in multiples by starting your complimentary online eCourse at Make sure you start off 2012 with new enthusiasm for both economic and personal freedom.

I’ll be sending out an email with time and date to those on the program in a couple of days, so don’t miss out simply because you’re not registered. Remember that success has more to do with the money mastery process and the Psychology of Wealth than it has to do with the mediums of wealth.

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The Psychology of Wealth

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

The Psychology of Wealth understands that the people who make purposeful decisions often come to a realisation that they have been playing by rules and standards set by others. And as they come to this realisation, a few things begin to fall into place. When this happens, they use this new knowledge to launch their journeys of achievement and financial success.

The greatest thing about purposeful decisions is that, once you make them, they clarify everything. As soon as you no longer fear the consequences of your decision and you firmly commit to one direction, confusion melts away because you can now clearly see what you must do.

Dissolve upper limits

One of the realisations that people come to terms with has to do with limitations, comfort zones and feelings of stuckness. They realise that if they stay with the status quo, nothing changes because the status quo uses low standards of achievement as reference points to match their results by.  Because everybody they compare with is getting the same results, they think everything is “normal”. As economist and precious metals analyst David Morgan notes, “When everybody is thinking the same way, no one is really thinking.”

What these people never realise is that stuckness is a sign from your body telling you that you’re neglecting your need for growth and exploration. You can’t solve stuckness with more stuckness and inactivity. You can’t solve stuckness by remaining in your comfort zone because there is simply no expansion or growth there. So the only way you can resolve feelings of stuckness is to commit to a program of learning and dissolving the limits you impose on yourself. This is what people on the cusp of progress come to realise. They realise that the magic of life is outside your comfort zone and that it’s OK to feel uncomfortable because it means you’re regaining your aliveness, your passions, your energy and your fulfilling future.

Personal achievement, business success, financial freedom, or mastery of any kind, involves the development of qualities which cannot develop by themselves and usually remain undeveloped in most people. In fact it would be fair to say that, in terms of achievement, it’s fear of failure that holds most people back.

And this is a strange fear when you think about it. Fear of failure actually prevents you from moving forward. If something is constantly preventing you from moving forward, you have to start thinking about what it’s constantly making you do instead. This is a critically important point because anything you constantly do leads to perfecting whatever it is that you constantly do.

So what are you perfecting by your consistent practice at it? Are you perfecting self sabotage for example?

Fear of failure is a perfecting fear in that it prevents you from taking risks and encourages you to move back into safety, back into stuckness. But as soon as you step back into safety, you stifle your own development, strengthen your  stranglehold on sameness and deny yourself access to financial freedom.

In other words, you prevent the evolution of your own innate potential. When this happens, relative to your potential, you are going to fail, which is the very thing you’re trying to prevent. As soon as you step back from risk, you shrink your potential by stepping back into sameness. The feelings you get come from your body trying to communicate that it wants to grow, to explore, to be alive again.

Fear of failure actually creates failure, the very thing you say you want to avoid. But the paradox here is that if you directed the very same processes of consistency over time towards success, instead of the fear of failure, you’d be incredibly successful.

In a strange twist, you’re already doing the ‘work of success’, you’re just directing your efforts towards the fear of failure instead of achievement, exploration and growth.

It also creates your upper limits in finances, happiness, relationships, health, connectedness, trust, sharing, freedom and prosperity. So you and I have to work together to dissolve these upper limits because if you don’t dissolve them, sameness, or something worse, will always remain your experience.

The Psychology of Wealth, invites you to participate in a more prosperous and financially rewarding 2012. In fact, if you start the New Year off with a free online Ten Steps To Wealth eCourse at the New Year has the potential to reward you in multiples.

The “Ten Steps to Wealth” is a distillation of my journey from broke to my first million dollar year. Imagine forever BANISHING feelings of financial struggle, fears over bills and rising costs, or having to cut corners, settling for less and missing out…

By enrolling in Ten Steps To Wealth, you’ll learn:

• how to lay the foundations to your million dollar year
• how to dissolve the struggle around finances and increasing costs
• how to become the master of your own financial destiny
• how to make 2012 more financially successful
• how to succeed where others don’t
• how to create an achievement mindset
• how to understand today’s economy and what to do next
• how to think about using the Internet for income generation
• how to move from sameness to achievement and enterprise
• how to take greater action and be in control
• how to compile your list of assets for success
• how to create wealth in changing economic conditions
• how to create a wealth plan and map your way to freedom
• how to switch on your entrepreneurial mastery

Starting out from dead flat broke, my first million dollar year took three years and eight months to achieve. Imagine launching your very own million dollar year in a similar way. The only reason why you wouldn’t do this is because you don’t believe you can.

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The Psychology of Wealth

Monday, December 26th, 2011

The Psychology of Wealth observes that in order to be successful; in order to create more prosperity and financial abundance for yourself, the first thing that needs to change is how you think about yourself.

Most people say that you need to change the way you think about money first, but this isn’t so.

You can think about money any way you like but, if your experience is financial underachievement at the moment, unless you start to actually see and believe in your ability for financial achievement, nothing much is going to change and sameness will be your continued experience over c0ming years, instead of  economic and personal freedom.

Success means breaking away from old reference points and designing new ones. For a period of time, while you’re learning new skills, discomfort will be your most effective feeling.  As you begin your journey, you must be able to substitute ‘normal’ with ‘strange’ and be OK with strange until these feelings actually become normal. And when they do, you’ll be on your way to achievement.

Remember, anything that is self defeating limits your ability to feel successful, to feel heard, to feel understood, to feel validated, to feel happy, to feel energised, to feel in control, to feel appreciated, to feel rewarded or to feel free.

Enjoy the rest of the year and don’t forget that progress is as possible for you as it is for anyone and if you need help, just reach out because there are many experts who can support your progress.

The Psychology of Wealth starts as soon as you begin to think differently about yourself. To help you get there a little faster, tap into The Ten Steps To Wealth at

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