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Saturday, June 15th, 2013

“Growing Old With Someone You Love”

One thing I’ve always prided myself in is my ability to teach and support people who really want to learn.

This is my real gift to people.

A lot of people think that I’m lucky because I’ve achieved the sorts of freedom that most people can only ever dream of. But I don’t think I’m lucky so much as I am determined to create my lifestyle from freedom rather than incarceration.

That’s the key… if you’re like most people you’ve been conditioned to immerse yourself in huge amounts of debt first and then attempt to create freedom from the position of servitude to that debt.

This is lunacy and it seldom, if ever, works. Witness the millions of unhappy people who never experience more time… more money… or more freedom…

Instead, they experience, less time… less money… and less freedom… These outcomes need to be turned upside down.

With the same determination as I, and others, have shown, you too can achieve the same results as myself. I know this to be true because, over the past 15 years, I’ve shown thousands of people how to get similar results for themselves.

So I know that you can do it too.

The only question you really need to answer is, “Why are you allowing yourself to continue struggling with time, money and relationships when so much more is readily available?”

And its so close.

Most people are closer to freedom then they realise but they never give themselves permission to see such possibilities for themselves.

The sad thing is that if you don’t begin to move forward soon, you become so trapped in your own “story” that you can’t see the wood through the trees.

If you’re ready to make a start on your financial future… begin with my free eCourse The Ten Steps To Wealth… Just visit and enter your details.

Recently I just had a birthday which caused me to reflect on a few things…

I must be getting old because over the past few years I’ve noticed that all that matters to me these days is the connected relationships I have with others.

Economic and personal freedom are great gifts but they’re not the greatest gifts that I experience.

It’s the people around me who give me permission to be myself… And what I get from them is unconditional love and support.

When it’s all said and done, who could wish for anything more.

Today, as I was walking along a street near home, an older couple caught my eye…  and I couldn’t help but think that one of the greatest pleasures in life is to grow old with someone you love.

This lead me to start thinking about Antonia Dodge one of the founders of Personality Hacker.

She’s brilliant at showing you how to connect to your true inner genius.

Now Antonia is applying her ground breaking discoveries to the important area of “relationships”… in all their forms – finding ideal partners – finding your soul mate – becoming more intimate and connected in your relationship – having a fantastic relationship with your children and so much more.

Below is a link to a video by Antonia Dodge explaining her brilliant new series of workshops on understanding your Genius Style (your innate genius) and how it relates to relationships.

This series of workshops really bring to the fore… insights into relationships that are little known and seldom discussed. Yet they have such a remarkable impact on deepening existing intimate connections… or finding your ideal relationship type.

Once you understand how each side of a relationship thinks, perceives and make decisions, you can deepen your connection and intimacy… or find your ideal soul mate… or repair relationships that are going off the rails.

Find your ideal partner through Jungian typology and grow old with someone you love…

Here’s how…

Paul Counsel

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The Ten Steps To Weath

Friday, May 4th, 2012

I’ve got some terrific news for attendees of The Ten Steps To Wealth Q&A webinar tomorrow

I’ve managed to invite a very special guest mentor onto the call tomorrow morning Western Australian time to offer a few different perspectives than mine to the questions you’ve sent in.

My special guest is Stuart Levin from Silicon Valley, California and he’s taking time out of a seminar to be with us.

Stuart has raised financing for start up businesses, growing businesses, and downsizing businesses. He’s also sold his own business for a 7 figure exit. He’s supported Fortune 500 business growth with one of the largest Fortune 500 companies in the world, especially when it came to the critical intersection of operations and technology. He’s experienced at helping a billion dollar global products group manage its growth costs more effectively…. In his own words Stuart says, “I love the challenges of business growth, and mentoring others for personal and team growth.”

To get value out of these Q&A sessions, you need to be on them live. For a whole host of reasons, they are not being recorded for later access.

If you’ve got questions for someone of Stuart’s experience… feel free to send them in now so I can forward them to Stuart and he can prepare his best answer, of if you prefer, you can ask them live and get his ‘off the cuff’ replies.

Stuart is a master at making more money but recently, he left the corporate world in order to start a number of his own businesses and make more money through online marketing.

To get onto these calls, you need to be on the Ten Steps To Wealth eCourse otherwise the Q&A’s won’t make sense.  They’re especially good if you’re one of the growing number of work at home moms.

The Q&A’s will be taking place every fortnight or so.

Update: The Q&A was a huge success and we had many comments such as these from Mary… “Thankyou to Paul and Barry and of course the special guest in Stuart for the Q and A webinar.  What a great forum for discussing things that people have on their mind and perhaps ask questions that others would like to have an answer to, but haven’t been able to language.  It is worth listening to for just that reason alone, but there was so much more.  I think having a guest like Stu who moves in those arenas, but has reflected to all us that we all start off from a similar position of uncertainty and apprehension, but like you have said many times over – it begins with that first step – and there is no failure, just feedback and correction followed by application and the repeating of the activity, which is part of the focus issue.”

And Wendy…

Hi Paul

“I am very appreciative of getting such a thorough and helpful answer to the question I emailed you prior to the session.  I almost didn’t manage to do the email but I am so glad I did and I encourage others to do the same.  It made getting up at a time that is early (for me) very worthwhile.  I guess I am lucky that you seem to be a morning person given it was sent close to midnight last night!”

Have a great weekend


You can tap into the complimentary eCourse at

So send in your questions and I’ll answer them soon


Paul Counsel

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The Ten Steps To Wealth

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

“The Importance Of Focus”

If you’ve been working your way through The Ten Steps To Wealth eCourse, I hope things are starting to come together for you, BUT… I also realise there’s so much to learn isn’t there.

The secret to success is “not to give up” and I know this is easier said than done.

I was speaking to a person who I’ve been mentoring for a month or so now and it was an interesting conversation.

He’s someone who has been up in the millions of dollars of earnings but has always achieved these results via the “corporate” arena.

A year or so ago, he was so fed up with the back stabbing, the unfeeling ruthlessness and the lack of real care for clients that he decided to sever his ties with the corporate world and start out on his own entrepreneurial pathway.

Along with thousands of work from home moms, online marketers and people who want to make more money in an entrepreneurial way, he found the challenge of moving away from a structured environment a little daunting at first.

His current challenge is that he’s now finding a host of opportunities, demands, requests for help and distractions that are competing for his attention. As a result, he hasn’t progressed very far on his own entrepreneurial pathway… and now he’s starting to worry a bit about his cash flow, or lack of it I should say.

Anyway, he’s reached out for a bit of support now and it won’t be long before we transform his money results into results he’s happy with.

The conversation we were having was centred on the notion of “Self Efficacy” and I explained that the secret to success that most people miss, it’s also the secret that “THE SECRET” missed…

It’s the secret to all manifestation, all productiveness, all Olympic medals, all winning teams, all stellar relationships, all forms of economic and personal freedom, all political wins and I could go on and on…

In its simplest form, the secret to getting more of what you want and less of what you don’t want is “Attention to Intention“.

This is a critical point and one that’s often missed because “circumstance” seems to always have you focused in different directions.

There is heaps of scientific research on this which I won’t bore you with but suffice to say that relative to your intention, everything else is a distraction… The more distraction there is, the less you get of what you truly want.

Once you’ve been through The Ten Steps Program, the most critical lesson I’d like you to get from everything you’ve read is the regaining of your ‘attending qualities to intention’.

Once you’re pretty clear on what these qualities are, I want to help you build higher levels of “Self Efficacy”.

I’m going to write more about Self Efficacy in a different post but if you’d like to do some further reading on this topic, you can click to a Self Efficacy article on…

Don’t worry too much about the jargon… we’ll work our way through so that it makes real sense.

Until then, stay on track and I hope you enjoy the rest of the articles on The Ten Steps To Wealth.

Don’t forget to send in questions if you have any

Update: Lots of people sent in questions for answering during our live Q&A session and here is a response from Wendy… “Paul yes the answers made sense.  I can see that setting smaller goals and succeeding with these will help build my confidence in being successful. I appreciated the feedback on working with suppliers and will give that a go. It was generally just a fantastic hour, as I found the information on the other questions useful too.”

The next Q&A is coming up shortly so if you have questions you would like answers to, send them in through The Ten Steps To Wealth website. You’ll be given instructions as soon as you register.

The Ten Steps To Wealth eCourse


Paul Counsel

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The Ten Steps To Wealth

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012

Developing Your Money Selves

Observations from The Ten Steps To Wealth… If I sit back for a few moments and observe some of the threads in many of the posts I read in various forums… I see a consistency in underlying themes which could be expressed as something like “not enough money and not enough time”. The other side of this in a time starved, instant download, increasing costs environment is the constant need to “make more money.

For the last fifteen years, my expertise has been directed towards reversing these conditions for people so that they can gain access to the economic and personal freedom they desire. It’s what I do best and it’s relatively easy to reverse “not enough time and not enough money” conditions for most people providing they have flexibility in both thinking and emotions.

When people enrol in my programs I set them “The Generic Goal”.

This goal represents the cost of the program for the participant plus $1 so that they get an ROI (return on their investment). Every student, with my help, must achieve their Generic Goal during the period of their program. My philosophy is what’s the point of teaching programs on making more money it I can’t get people to make more money!! And yet how many people enrol in money programs where the teacher doesn’t make sure that the people entering their programs make more money. Doesn’t make sense to me.

I’ll explain more about the power of Generic Goals in further posts. But let me continue on the “not enough time and not enough money” theme for a minute.

Most people don’t set generic goals for themselves and then set out to achieve those goals. Instead they express desires, which are generally huge $$$ figures that are way beyond their previous experiences. I term these goals “Sabotage Goals” rather than “Generic Goals” hence the underlying experiences of “not enough time and not enough money”.

One of the programs I conduct is called Money Mastery and it’s a personalised mentoring and teaching program that runs for 12 months. When people enter this program, apart from the content that gets delivered, I work with each individual on a personal level to show them how to develop “Money Selves” that stand outside the experiences of what I term “Worker Selves”…

This is an important concept to understand and this is why I’ve developed the Ten Steps To Wealth program. It’s also why the Ten Steps To Wealth is a free eCourse because I want people to learn important concepts before they attempt to create wealth.

“Worker self” is the money self that society encourages you to develop and its the “self” that’s conditioned with the three money mindsets of earn, spend and borrow for non productive purposes! When you’re conditioned with these three money mindsets, life will always represent a financial struggle for you.

The money selves that need to be developed are “enterprise self”, then “entrepreneur self”, then “expert self” in that order…

In other words, not only do I teach content, but I’m a hands on mentor that helps these selves to develop… nearly everybody achieves their Generic Goal so that after 12 months, all their training and mentoring ends up free of charge… it’s a brilliant model, I love helping people in this way and it works really well.

The best ROI on a Generic Goal we’ve had so far is 650%… Not bad but some day I expect that record to be bettered.

Unfortunately, what I see time and time again is people trying to be an expert before they’ve developed “enterprise self” and “entrepreneur self”. These two selves have entirely different roles and functions to perform and each must be developed in a specific way before “expert self” can be developed.

So let’s go back to the start of this and observe two underlying themes… “not enough time and not enough money”. There are very clear reasons for this in most people. In addition, most people cannot see how to get past their “not enough time and not enough money” experience in a practical way… they might be able to see their way past these experiences by engaging in big ideas, but rarely are these big ideas fully expressed in results.

My sole purpose for writing this blog and developing The Ten Steps To Wealth eCourse is to help people get past their conditioned money experiences and I’m still up for this challenge but I can’t help you if there is no personal engagement either through this Blog or  through the Ten Steps eCourse.

Support can come in a zillion ways and a few new and exciting developments are taking place over at The Ten Steps To Wealth website… but they all start with engagement.

Hope to see or hear from you soon.

Paul Counsel

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The Ten Steps To Wealth

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

In an increasingly uncertain world economic environment, the importance of developing your own economy today so that you can have financial independence tomorrow… quite frankly, has never been greater. That’s why I developed The Ten Steps To Wealth complimentary eCourse. It’s based on the steps I took in order to go from dead flat broke at the age of 40 to financial freedom and independence a few short years later.

If you want to get  there a little faster, if you’re part of the growing number of work at home mums, if you want to learn the secrets to success and get over your make money online blockages,  you can watch a series of training videos here.

Learn to develop your own economy today, so that you can make more money and have financial freedom tomorrow… begin here… BPL1_How to change your brain for successing.mp4

More videos here to make your journey as successful as mine has been


Paul Counsel

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The Ten Steps To Wealth

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

How To Turn Social Disadvantage Into A Million Dollar Lifestyle by Following The Ten Steps To Wealth

Some of the benefits available from following The Ten Steps To Wealth include learning the embarrassingly simple processes of how I turned social and economic disadvantage into a million dollar lifestyle of personal and economic freedom. And the best part is… You can share my journey for FREE.

If you’re interested in both economic and personal freedom, then you couldn’t have a better starting point than “The Ten Steps to Wealth”, a complimentary eCourse with each step delivered weekly via email. It’s a course designed to help you build the necessary foundations for launching your million dollar year. The “Ten Steps to Wealth” is a distillation of my journey from broke to my first million dollar year. Imagine yourself in a similar position… Imagine yourself being able to BANISHING feelings of financial struggle forever… Imagine never having any fears over bills and rising costs ever again, or having to worry about cutting corners, settling for less and always missing out… From start to finish, the ten steps to wealth takes eleven weeks and it’s where you really learn about financial freedom, the principles of make more money, especially if you’re one of the work at home mums and want to know the secrets of success or how to have a better understanding of wealth psychology

If you’re keen on faster results, then you can begin your learning by clicking here. It’s a complimentary series of training videos designed to help you set up a Blueprint For Extraordinary Achievement. There’s five videos in this particular series and if you want to progress past this point… there’s an opportunity to join me in a weekly webinar series in which you’ll learn How To:

  • Achieve greater self confidence and beliefs in your own capabilities for breakthroughs
  • Generate more productivity while experiencing less resistance and effort
  • Handle stressful situations with new clarity, energy and effective solutions
  • Identify opportunities for breaking free of sameness ruts and tumbleweed results
  • Inspire yourself and be admired by others with your new found achievement skills
  • Connect with like minded people and form masterminds and accountability partners
  • Expand your personal and professional relationships because fear no longer holds you back

Achievement requires unlearning and relearning and for this, there is nothing more powerful than new ideas…

Feel free to pass these videos on to those who could benefit from unlearning and relearning.

Wishing you every success on your journey towards greater economic and personal freedom in 2012 and beyond


Paul Counsel

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